Friday, August 10, 2007

In Flight


I love how the sky looks way up there. I'm glad I got these seats to I could take a picture of the wing. I wanted to try to take some of the ground but by the time you are allowed to use electronic devices we were up too high. I love traveling.


Mahesh said...

hi..hopped here thru pics...and thanks for the tips for panoramic stich...i hope many exclusive softwares there for panoramic view...write some on those softwares too...think you must be using them..keep visiting and i will too!!

Carlota said...

Hello- click your name thru mybloglog.

Very nice picture you captured it really good. I browsed all you pictures here all are great! Keep it up!

Thanks by the way. Take care.

Shemah said...

Hey there..

Thanks for dropping by my blog..
Your pictures are just amazing..
If you don't mind, I'll put a link of your blog on mind. Really, amazing pics. I particularly love this one because my husband is working with an airline company and flies alot. :)