Monday, June 11, 2007

My Process of Becoming a Great Photographer

I wanted to start this blog to show my process and progress of becoming a great photographer and possibly professional. This venture all started when my boyfriend got me a brand new Canon PowerShot SD600 for Christmas this past year and when I discovered flickr. I always liked to take pictures with disposable cameras and my very first Kodak digital camera I got 5 years ago. I probably joined flickr the beginning of this year, to post pictures of the Frank Lloyd Wright house in Manchester, NH. I did a search on flickr for this house and couldn't find much, so I thought I'd share mine. Then I found the groups on flickr and realized there was a whole community of people sharing photos and making comments. So then I added more pictures, made comments and received comments. This just made me want to learn more.

Well, my interest in photography actually started way before this past Christmas. I've always been interested in art. I have loved drawing and painting ever since I was little and could do those things. Throughout High School and College I focused on fine art and graphic design. I remember the first time I sparked an interest in photography, at my High School they had a dark room but only kids who already knew how to work the dark room could use it. I thought it would be interesting to learn, but put it past me and focused on painting. I also thought that photography seemed a lot easier than hand drawing your subject and that painters were much superior. Was I wrong!

So now here I am with a compact digital camera wanting to learn how to become a great photographer.

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