Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Hermit Crab


Hermit crab at Sebastian Inlet, FL. I took this picture using the macro function on my camera. I love this function, I really like taking close up pictures. I long to get a digital SLR camera with a nicer macro lens. I always try to bring along my camera wherever I go, I try to make plans to go to a park or be outside over the weekend, the only time I really get to take pictures. This past weekend I was unprepared. I didn't charge the camera battery and was only able to take a few pictures before it died. I need to figure out if there is anyway to view how much battery life is left on my camera.

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Tim said...

I have a SD600 too, and nope, there's no way to tell how much battery is left. That's one of my peeves about that camera. But...the battery is tiny, so keeping an extra on hand isn't the end of the world.