Wednesday, September 19, 2007

A Snapshot A Day

So I started my sister blog, A Snapshot A Day, two months ago and I wanted to give it a go for a little while before I mentioned it on here. My goal for this new blog is just another step in my venture of becoming a photographer. I plan on posting and new picture or at least taking a new picture a day to polish my skills. So far I think it has helped. There's been a few days where I have been MIA and didn't get to post a picture, I gotta get better at that, maybe learn how to make a new post from my phone. But, all in all I've been very good at taking pictures everyday. Please take a look at my new blog if you haven't already.


Carrie Smith said...

Great pictures! I to have an interest in photography someday I would like to take pictures professionally but for now I will caputure those great moments with the kids.

Tak Feng & Li Li said...

Hi, your pictures are very nice. Remember to snap more, ya. Btw, I'm stephanie from Malaysia. Thanks for dropping by my blog.

Calvin said...

Good stuff! :)